Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

About Yair Danor

yair danor - singer & dancer
yair danor from israel, singer & dancing breakdance! OMG he is HOT!!!
yeahh .. he's my idol .
he's a good idol. everyone loved him. success for Yair danor.

full name : Yair Tinokid Danor. Yair is a YOUNG ARTIST ♫ dancer/singer and model from israel.
Yair was born on 9/13/1995, now is 15 years old.
at : Ra'anana, Israel

many who loved him and many who do not like him.about her many say he followed the style of Justin Bieber.but according to me, that the rights of each person. right?many also said that he was Justin Bieber israel.well it's up to them. themselves alone, Yair danor is Yair danor. not Justin Bieber.

official account of Yair danor 
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Favorite of Yair Danor 

singer :
the shadow, Cody Simpson, Borgore, minos, Brittany McDonald, The Futhamuckas, justin bieber, Michael Jackson . 

movie : 
inside the circle

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